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SeSey gets new merit in NoseWork

INTCH DKCH SECH LUCH KLBCH KLBJCH BELXW(LU)2017 SILKEBRIS BLACK MAGIC aka SeSey was today at her first Official NoseWork test (NW1) on lavender.
1st prize (100 points) for finding all the scents – 1 error (a paw on the trailer) – and a total 5th place with a total time of 98,56 sek.

Not an easy test and only 6 out of 29 participants got 100 point – I am so proud of my SeSey. This is really a sport for her.

BEST OF ALL – she was the Winner of the Indoor search with only 7,75 seconds.

NoseWork1 is now passed, but we have 2 more tests in september coming up – but today was absolutely a good start.