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Silkebris Black Magic – “SeSey”


SeSey is our beautiful black and white Norwegian princess and our 2nd Bichon Havanese bitch in the family. SeSey arrived in October 2014 from Kennel Silkebris in Haugesund, Norway.

SeSey is primarily used for Shows, Show Training and NoseWork – and she is a amazing quick learner.

She loves her family more than anything and will follow us where ever we go. She always comes when we call her name and she does not run away – that’s for sure.

She is an incredibly devoted and empathetic dog and will bring the sky to you, if you ask for it. SeSey has a fantastic empowerment – and is the best training partner you could ever ask for. In her you will find the best friend forever.
She is the Boss in the gang, but in a very gentle way – and she is, in an elegant way, always getting what’s up for her.

SeSey have lovely proportions. Has strong straight legs and has the most beautiful coat. She is a Queen indeed.

Pedigree nameSilkebris Black Magic
Pedigree No.DK18807/2014
AncestryHavanese Gallery
MeritsINTCH - International Champion
DKCH - Danish Champion
SECH - Swedish Champion
LUCH - Luxembourgish Champion
KLBCH - Club Champion
KLBJCH - Club Junior Champion
BELXW(LU)17 - BENELUX Winner Luxembourg 2017
KBHV18 - Copenhagen Winner 2018
NW1 - NoseWork 1
CRUFT Qualified 2018
CRUFT Qualified 2019

NicknameSeSey [Ze-Say]
Named afterNeytiris Ikran (dragon) from the movie Avatar
Weight6,2 kg
Height26 cm
ColourBlack with white markings
Bite and teethScissor bite, 6/6
Patella Luxation0/0
Eye examination09-01-2019 - All clear and no remarks
04-01-2018 - All clear and no remarks
07-09-2016 - All clear and no remarks

Mental describtion05.06.2016, 22 month old
DNA-testsCoat Length - l/l - (No carrier of the short hair gene)
Furnishing - Genotype F/F - (No carrier of the non-furnishing gene)
Curly - Genotype NC/NC - (No carrier of the Curly hair gene)
B-locus - B/B - (No carrier of the colour Chocolate)

LitterB - April.2017
D - November.2019