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Netesminde’s Princes Patsy – “Vigga”


Vigga is our first Bichon Havanese, which we got from Kennel Netesminde, Silkeborg.

Vigga is a slender dog and is of the smaller kind, but this is outweighed by her amazing personality. She has a beautiful ‘gold’ colored coat which is more into the red zobel category.

She is an incredibly well-balanced and calm dog who rests very well in herself. This has also been shown in the mental description test that Vigga did when she was 21 months. She is very curious and she is not giving up easily. She is always ready to play – unless there is rainfall involved. She LOVES people and other animals, and if you want to cuddle her a little – you’re very popular.

With Vigga we have done / is doing Agility, Rally obedience, Dog swimming, Body control, Dog massage, Wildlife training and general obedience training. Vigga is really good at all almost any things and she is really quick at learning – she just does not want to do the same things over and over houndred times. There needs to be changes – otherwise she finds other exciting things to do. This means you have to make yourself more interesting – and so we try! She is very good at using her nose – and that’s not that thing she cannot find: cats, squeaking toys or dead rats in the woods! And sometimes she finds it hard to listen to you when she is taken by an exciting scent – she is definitely a self-employed lady.

Vigga barks very rarely, yet she has a great ability to ‘tell’ what she wants.

She loves to have a dog massage and the sofa is the best place to be with her mother and to have a nap.

Vigga is now retired and enjoy her otium here with us.

Pedigree nameNetesminde's Princes Patsy
Pedigree No.DK19910/2012
AncestryHavanese Gallery
MeritsDKCH - Danish Champion
CRUFT Qualified 2015
Named afterActor Vigga Bro
Weight5,5 kg
Height26 cm
ColourRed sable
Bite and teethScissor bite, 6/6
2020-01-09 Vigga (7 years) has had removed 1 pc. I1 due to dead nerve as well as 2x M2 due to tooth abscess. Certificate is available on removal of the 3 teeth.

Patella Luxation0/0
Eye examination11-06-2018, Distichiasis. light
10-08-2017, Distichiasis. light
07-09-2016, Distichiasis. light
09-03-2015, Distichiasis. light

Mental describtion31.08.2014, 21 month old
DNA-testsCoat Length - l/l - (Not carrier of the short hair gene)
Curly - Genotype NC/NC - (No carrier of the Curly hair gene)
Furnishing - Genotype F/F - (No carrier of the non-furnishing gene)

LitterA - August 2015
C - April 2019

OffspringsVisabellak's Arista
Visabellak's Acura
Visabellak's Artega
Visabellak's Ascari
Visabellak's Cooper
Vigga_01 Vigga_02